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Angel Oak Tree

































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  1. David Elliott says:

    Early or late avoids the harsh lines of the sun.

  2. What time of the day is the best light for a family photo at Angel Oak?

  3. David Rawlings says:

    Hello. I have been to the angel oak possibly 30 times love it. When we decided that this was a location for our wedding photos I got really excited. Unfortunately we were unaware of the photo shoot permitt. Thats fine. I donate to the tree and I understand where the money goes. The attendant there was not Okay with us showing up. She yelled at us in front of a huge crowd and insulted us as we were in our wedding outfits. It was really embarrassing. One of our photographers was able to calm her down to stop her making a seen. We paid for the license but she only gave us 15 mins and kicked us out as the gate closed. This on 5/1/2017 after 4:30pm. I was a long time supporter of the Angel Oak, but if she is still there I will never return.

  4. David Elliott says:

    Weddings are allowed. Contact the city of Charleston at 843-724-7327

  5. David Elliott says:
  6. the Angel Tree is a Live Oak and is called Quercus virginiana In Latin

  7. Angel Oak is a “live oak” in the South they grow wild put I am sure you can purchase a sampling many places on the web…if you grow one from an acorn it will take many, many years to mature to any size tree, they are very slow growers

  8. M. Harkins says:

    Could someone please share the name of the artist at Angel Oak the day after Christmas 2016? He used sand in his painting. I am interested in learning more about him & his work. .

  9. Is this in an area that could be used as a wedding venue? I can’t imagine a more magical place to get married!

  10. David Elliott says:

    You can purchase prints at

  11. janai rucker says:

    where is the best website to buy prints of the tree? i saw the tree in person and fell in love!

  12. David Elliott says:

    Please call the office to discuss 843-559-3496; however, it is not likely that this would be allowed. If other photographers saw you they would assume they could place their tripods under the tree and that could cause damage.

  13. David Elliott says:

    We are not familiar with that company. Make sure they can substantiate any claims they make about the source of their trees.

  14. Jessica Lloyd says:

    Can you purchase a sapling of this tree? I saw a site stating that this was possible if so, how would one go about doing so and an estimated price and size of the saplings please 🙂 here is where I originally seen a site stating you could do so .

  15. I see that photographers are not allowed to use a tripod under the tree and I understand the reason for that as the spikes could do some damage to this magnificent creation. My particular tripod does not have spikes as it is just rounded plastic tips and would be less intrusive than people walking around. Is it possible for me to get permission to use my tripod? I would be more than happy to donate a print to your gift store to sell and use the proceeds for upkeep. Thanks for your time.

  16. The tree is a Quercus Virginian according to this website. More awesome picks there as well.

  17. What a beautiful tree. My granddaughter is the absolute light of my life and Im always lookin for beautiful places to take her that represent her name, Angel.
    This is a for sure visit being planned!

  18. David Elliott says:

    There are tables available and you are allowed to eat at this park.

  19. David Elliott says:

    Weddings are allowed. You will need to contact the City of Charleston for a permit. Their number is 843-724-7327. There is no structure there to support a wedding; however, I would direct your question to the City of Charleston.

  20. I have read on many travel sites that the park is a great place to picnic but others have said that people may not picnic. Are there tables and are people allowed to picnic?

  21. Kellie Kirven says:

    Hey I was looking to have a very small wedding here on October 18th and was wondering if it was possible to have the reception there or somewhere very close?

  22. David Elliott says:

    Yes, the baskets are in the shop. You can also find locals selling them all over Charleston.

  23. David Elliott says:

    Sorry. We can’t help you with the latin name.

  24. Michael Woolner says:

    I haven’t been able to find out what type of Oak is. I doubt we have it in the UK. What is its full Latin name?

  25. allyson Lindsley says:

    Are there people still weaving baskets nearby? I love the ones I bought there years ago?
    thank you!

  26. I love this tree!! I made couple of shots some years ago when I stepped in the park in my journeys to Charleston. Really love this place!

  27. David Elliott says:

    So sorry for missing this. Tripods are allowed outside of the mulched area. No tripods under or close to the tree. Again, please forgive this lengthy delay.

  28. David Elliott says:

    Yes, pets are allowed just not under the tree.

  29. Hi, We will be traveling with our small dog, which we usually carry. Are pets welcome anywhere near Angel Oak Tree? Thanks

  30. Sharon Pierce says:

    I came from Arkansas to see the Angel Oak, I was only in the area one day. We got there about 4:40 pm, not a lot of time to see the tree before the park closed but it would have been enough time. The park was closed so they could mulch the tree. I realize that it is important to keep the tree alive, but I wish they would have waited until 5 pm when the park closes. Several other cars were turned away as well as ours. It is quite a trip out to the tree, we stopped at the tourist center before we went. She didn’t say they were mulching and the tree was closed. I was so very disappointed. It is not good policy to close the tree to the public during its posted open hours.

  31. David Elliott says: now offers a service that will remove people and signs from your pictures. You only pay if you are satisfied with the edits.

  32. David – I didn’t see a response to the questions about photography with a tripod. Could you answer that please and also advise if some special permit could be obtained? My camera is quite heavy and I’m traveling across country.

  33. David Elliott says:

    They have security cameras and do not allow you to climb on the tree. This started years ago as a method of protecting the Angel Oak from both intentional and accidental damage.

  34. Sheila Bible says:

    I visited this beautiful site when I was 18 yrs old, I am now retired and would love to return. My friends are there now as I type this, they have ask people about directions and no one has heard of it. I was wondering are u still allowed to climb on the limbs? Some of the pictures on one of the websites shows people on the limbs but they look very dated.

  35. Joeann Lafontant says:

    I was just there an I have never seen anything as pretty as that tree I took some good pictures that I am going to put on my wall

  36. Great, thanks! Hope you get some good shots 🙂

  37. Patrick says:

    Well – this was a disappointing visit from the standpoint of your question, Marjorie. The staff assured me that (1) the signs go up before they open and come down after they close (some liability requirement, I should suppose) and (2) there are no designated opportunities for photographers to take pictures without them. There is also a new (since July 2012, when we last visited Angel Oak) regulation for tripods. They are no longer allowed past the point of the gift shop – so that severely limits the compositional choices for tripod users.

    To be honest, this is a gorgeous photographic opportunity essentially ruined by the way the site is managed. For those wishing to take snapshots of the tree (along with the obligatory signs and crowds the site customarily draws), it’s fine – but it’s definitely not a place where you’ll easily create artistic images without a significant amount of post-processing time and effort in Photoshop.

    Hope this helps. Happy shooting.


  38. Hi Marjorie,

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve been to Angel Oak a couple of times and have always been disappointed by the signs and number of people. Reserving time for photographers to take shots of the tree without the signs and crowds would be amazing – even if it required some sort of fee.

    I’m heading over there shortly and will inquire about it. I’ll post what I learn here.


  39. Can you please tell me if there is any scheduled time or can a scheduled time be arranged for photographers to take photos of Angel Oak without the signs surrounding the tree? If so, I do I go about arranging that. I was out during April and came out 2 separate times, both weekdays as soon as it opened before people started to arrive on overcast days to try to get some good shots. I love what I got, but I would really like to get some without the signs. The Tree is majestic and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to experience the beauty of it. Thanks for protecting it!


  40. David Elliott says:

    If the weather is nice you can expect there to be 10-30 people around. Make sure you call the city of Charleston for a permit. They can tell you what a permit entitles you to 843-724-7327.

  41. Chelsi Turner says:

    I want to have a very tiny wedding/elopement here, my only question would be are there typically a lot of people around?

  42. With a permit how many guests are allowed for a wedding at the Angel Oak?

  43. David Elliott says:

    Weddings are allowed. You will need to contact the City of Charleston for a permit. Their number is 843-724-7327.

  44. I am looking for a location for a very small intimate wedding,…can we have a wedding at the Angel oak tree?

    Est. date is May 25, 2014 maybe 10 people

  45. David Elliott says:

    Many thanks for your comment and the hours have been posted. We truly apologize for your wasted trip.

  46. I love the pictures and think this is a great thing to see in Charleston. However, I do think the hours should be posted on the website somewhere for the out-of-towners like myself. We got there right after it closed and had we known we would have tried to get there a little bit earlier. The hours are 9-5 M-S and 1-5 on Sundays in case anyone wanted to know.


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